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Well, hello!


Well look at you. Scanning QR codes and finding shit. Good for you. I wasn’t too sure if anyone would find this page when I built it. But when I added the QR code to the issue, I thought to myself, “you can’t have a QR code that points to NOWHERE.” Right?

So I built this page for people like you. Scroll down below to see a couple of things about this issue. There’s even an old audio podcast episode below that might interest you (it’s short, I promise).


This page is rough

Every issue has at least one image that I really don’t feel happy about. This is certainly the one for issue number six. His lips are so dark. His features are just a bit too soft. His ears are right though.

Someday I won’t care.


My first attempt was worse

If I had an extra month to put this issue together, I could spend it all working on this portrait. It really bugs me how off this image is.

Untitled_Artwork 12.png

This got cut…

On the page where I wrote about bringing together the people of all religions to eat grilled cheese sandwiches, I attempted to draw a gooey grilled cheese sandwich. It didn’t turn out as planned. It certainly doesn’t look like something that I would eat. What is that?!?!

Untitled_Artwork 13.png

This was also cut…

Someday I will sit on tropical beaches and drink anything but Pina Coladas. This was the original drawing for that page. But I ended up needing that page to be black-and-white, which really made it tough for me to make the drawing look “tropical.” Even with this red sky, this beach looks more like hell than tropical.

Tell me you found this page…

When I wrote the line in the story about putting an end to QR codes, I genuinely hated them. But after putting together this little Easter Egg page, I may have become a changed man. Perhaps the QR code is genius. Do people even click them? Will you fill out the form below and just tell me that you found this page? I’m really curious to keep track of the traffic…

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Here’s the Audio Version!

A few years ago I hosted an audio podcast called WHAT SOME WOULD CALL LIES. Each week I would write and recite a story and in 2011 I wrote a version of a story that was ultimately turned into the zine that lead you here. Want to hear my voice? With musical accompaniment?

As you can probably guess, all of the email addresses, websites, and Facebook pages associated with this show are now dead.

Listen to the short (9 minutes) audio episode below.